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Hi all, welcome to ThingsGuide it's a blog that provides tricks, tips, tech news, how to articles which guide you step by step. ThingsGuide was founded in the middle of 2012. The main stream is to share unique knowledge to ThingsGuide readers and visiters.

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Ravi A founder

Hi, my name is Ravikant verma and i am a 19 years old blogger and web publisher from chhattisgarh india,  I handle all of the work of  ThingsGuide.Currently I'm working on my bachelor degree on commerce and management, Blogging is my first internet  interest and i love everything that have any relation with internet and art. When I was a kid, I love spending all day with my PC and fixing PCs of my friends, I'm not 24/7 internet crazy but i used to be online most of the time.

I like interacting with people so feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Your ideas, thoughts and feedback are important to us and we work for your satisfaction so please do leave comments on the posts you like.

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