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Finally Windows released their most awaited operating system Windows 8 last week. I'm sure many of Windows users confused on a question to upgrade their previous version of Windows or not and how they can prepare their system for this newest edition of Window.

Is my system Windows 8 ready?

Is Your System Windows 8 ready ?

While upgrading the new operating system primary worry is about hardware that will be compatible with the new operating system or not ? and the answer is pretty simple, If your system has been running well on Windows 7 then it is compatible with Windows 8 too. that means Windows 8 required no major hardware change for those using.

Windows 8 run on the same hardware that works fine with Windows 7

Processor : 1 GHz or Faster
RAM : 1 Gigabyte (32-bit) or 2 Gigabyte (64-bit)
Hard disk space : 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
Graphic Card : Microsoft DirectX9 graphic device with WDDM driver

Connected Devices and Programs

To solve certain issues, Windows provide Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. before upgrading your oprating system download and run it. The program will automatically scan your hardware, installed programs and connected devices to make sure they will work with Windows 8 or not,
  • It will ask you which apps are compatible and which apps you need to review.
  • Windows 8 comes with lot of new features like secure boot, snap, fast start-up etc. upgrade assistant notify you if any of those items are not supported by your system.
  • In Windows 8 Microsoft Security Essentials is being replaced by Windows Defender, So you need to remove it before upgrading.
  • To play DVDs in Windows 8 you might need to install Windows Media Center or install a third party app. because Windows 8 does not include in-built feature to play DVDs.
After finished the above steps click on "Next", Now upgrade assistant asked what you would like to keep upgrade or not ?

Windows 8 comes with lot of major facilities. The look and feel is new something that we aren't accustomed to see on PC's, So enjoy this newest OS by Windows.

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