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If you're online at this time on ThingsGuide, your computer also connects to many other connections that are running in the background, Which not only reduces the speed of your internet but also increases your data bandwidth usage, Sometimes it can be gateways for viruses and malware. However, the many programs  that you have installed on your computer, also connect to internet based services, Here are a few ways to monitor and detect those internet connections.

Using Command Prompt

Type cmd into the run box from start menu and click on OK

Type the characters netstat –abf 5 > activity.txt and hit the enter key. Wait a few minutes for Windows to record the processes.

Monitor hidden internet connections using command prompt

Type Ctrl + C on your keyboard to stop recording.

Type activity.txt and hit the enter button. Notepad will now open with the recorded internet connections.

Using Nirsoft CurrPorts

The Nirsoft CurrPorts app lists detailed information regarding background internet connections of a computer. Go to the Nirsoft CurrPorts website and download the currports.exe

Monitor hidden internet connection using nirsoft currports

through this tutorial you can also check for unknown processes of viruses and malware who often use ports and incoming and outbound internet connections.

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